30 Day OTP Challenge: Postponed

My net is down, and I am alone at home until at least Friday, leaving my main source of communication my phone. I can type, but not great, especially for fiction. So yeah, I’ll get back to it then.

Cirque des Reves is open for business!

So yeah, I don’t have many followers, but if you like art, rp, and fantasy circuses in the late Victorian era, check the above link. It goes to the Opening journal, but it links to most of the important information directly. Species rules has a.link in the character creation journal.

I hope to see you there.

30 Day OTP Challenge: Green Room

Aileen pulled him away from the crowded ballroom.

"This isn’t the way to your room," he said.

She smiled. “I know. I just want to sneak away from this impromptu engagement party.”

"You could have asked." He had a smile on his face. "I would follow you anywhere."

She laughed. The simple green dress seemed to flutter around her. “It’s still fun to surprise you.” She turned a corner and opened a door to a small parlor room. It was panted in a rich hunter green, with velvet chairs of teal and aqua with gold leaf.

"This… Change the pallate and it looks like it could be from Dale Manor."

"It’s for the main line, but they treat me as one." Aileen pulled Frederic in. "Is it too much to share a chaise lounge with my fiance?"

He laughed. “No… no it isn’t.” He spotted it quickly. “In fact…” He picked her up. “I quite like the idea.”

30 Day OTP Challenge: Faction Trailer

(The definitions of “Budoir” I got were along the lines of “Place where the Harem sleeps” or at least “Place where the women sleep” So I took a mini-continuation of a smutty piece I’m not sharing with anyone based on the Revamp. Basically, I took that second definition a bit and applied it to a personal piece of CdR headcanon, which is that trailers are same-sex mostly.)

"This whole trailer is rooms for women," Aileen said. Her hand was on her hip. Despite her words, Aileen didn’t sound like she was chiding him.

"I know," he said.

She laughed. “And I do share my room. White is full of very talented ladies.”

"Very pretty ones, from what I saw the other night. Of course, my damselfly outshines them all."

That got a well-deserved eyeroll from her. “If I didn’t have a show in two hours, I’d just sneak out, but the soonest night I can get off is next Monday.”

He wrapped his arms around her. “And by then, I’ll have moved in full time. Shame I had to join black, but my room there is a single for now.” He removed her daytime brooch and then started at the buttons in the front. “So if you were trying to tell me no, just say that. Don’t give excuses. I don’t care.”

"Excuses? I was just giving you the risks. Then again, it’s not like anyone should care. It’s just that some girls do."

She pulled away from him and put him on the handle. He enjoyed how the few undone buttons on her shirt gave a good view of her collarbones. “If you don’t mind, then.” Aileen pushed down and opened the door. “Welcome to the Chateau de Kemyss.”

He laughed. “I think you mean, the budoir of the flame queen.”

I’m a virgin […], not an innocent.
sageofmagic replied to your post:Pokemon Y
*stares at that pidgey* ewe

Not the first Pidgey named Guy. I have one with Aircutter in my X as well.







You’re welcome

This is the most useful thing I’ve ever reblogged.

i used to think when people said my cousin twice removed that their cousin must’ve did some fucked up shit to get kicked out of the family twice

When I found this the first thing I thought was “now I can find out how Count Olaf is related to the Baudelaire children.”

So fucking helpful..

I love this. Srsly. While I may consider myself “Aunt [Name]” to my First Cousins once removed, they’re still my cousins.







You’re welcome

This is the most useful thing I’ve ever reblogged.

i used to think when people said my cousin twice removed that their cousin must’ve did some fucked up shit to get kicked out of the family twice

When I found this the first thing I thought was “now I can find out how Count Olaf is related to the Baudelaire children.”

So fucking helpful..

I love this. Srsly. While I may consider myself “Aunt [Name]” to my First Cousins once removed, they’re still my cousins.

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Pokemon Y

I got a copy of it. What’s that? I have a copy of Pokemon X? Why would I want Pokemon Y?

The answer is: because I want to play through the game again, but I’ve gotten way too far in Pokemon X, so I got a used copy. (Hey, it may be 5 dollars cheaper, but that’s enough for a sandwich)

I’m playing as a boy, named “Ric”

I’m tempted to write the story with a twist. Pokemon!AU Frederic Young Dale, anyone? Well, Frederic David Cruickshanks (Parents split up, mom got sole custody, Ric decided to fuck over his dad more by changing his middle and surname, he and mom moved from Poke-UK [Alba] to Kalos)

I will be keeping notes and eventually writing a story. So far, he has a Fennekin named Imbolc, a Pidgey named Guy and a Fletchling

30 Day OTP Challenge: Office

Aileen focused on the laptop in front of her. She had a spreadsheet of some sort up. It was her template, and the only thing that had changed was the name of the person.

"Mister Jones," she said politely. "I just want to make sure I understand… you’re paying me to be an accountant for this idea you have."

"Yes," Jones said. "I want to start a business!"

She nodded her head. “Yes. I know. But when I ask even what kind of business…”

"It’s a business? Why aren’t you getting it, Miss Dale?"

She tried to not flinch. She had added Ric’s surname onto her mouthful she had before. Even without the biggest part on her legal certificates, Aileen Grahame Kemyss Dale just felt… kind of clumsy, but she refused to drop either of the other names.

Aileen didn’t correct the Miss. “I get it just fine, but I can’t help you if I don’t know what you want to do. Are you trying to make a firm? Retail? Entertainment? Each of these require different skill-sets. I’m best with entertainment, and ideally, personal finances. If you’re looking for a firm of some sort, I can recommend my boss…”

"It’s. A. Business." Jones looked at her with gritted teeth. This had to be some sort of test. People who looked for an accountant couldn’t possibly be that stupid. "I want an LLP."

Aileen dug her toe into the ground under her desk as it started to twitch with annoyance. “Anything can be an LLP, Mister Jo–”

"Missus Kemyss?" She heard someone say. It took her about half a second until she realized it was her husband of six months. "I’m sorry to bother you, but your two-oh-clock is here."

Had she really spent an hour trying to get what this man wanted? She checked the clock on her computer. It was two-fifteen. Even worse.

"I’m sorry," she said with a smile. She closed her laptop and walked around the desk. Aileen offered her hand. "You have my card, I believe. We can schedule an appointment for some other time, Mister Jones."

"But you haven’t helped me," Jones said. "You’re supposed to help me with my business, Miss Dale."

Ric walked in then. “I’m very sorry, but Missus Dale is a very busy accountant. She has an appointment at two, and a conference call at three. She could get written up at least if she doesn’t make either.”

Jones sent a dirty glare. “Fine, I’ll go to that other firm! They’ll help me! When I’m successful, I’m going to say it all happened because your Firm wouldn’t help me!” He stormed out past Ric.

Ric closed the door. “Hullo, love. Sorry for dropping by unannounced, but I think I have a drop of Grahame blood in me, because I got this feeling that said…”

Ail kicked her heels off and hugged him. “Stupid soulbond. It’s ridiculous at times. You should be at the bakery.”

"Well, you helped me find enough room for Lys to get paid as a manager. I can go ten blocks and up a couple flights if I feel you’re upset."

"Thanks. I know about the call, but I didn’t have a two-oh-clock."

He kissed her. “Well, you have about fourty minutes to relax from that idiot. I’m your two-oh-clock. What did he want?”

She laughed. “He wanted to start up a business, but when I asked what kind, he just kept saying a business. Sometimes an LLP. I figure he meant some kind of firm, but that still can mean so many things, and I’m not the best at firms. I’m better with Entertainment and retail… and I prefer personal financing.” She looked up and smiled. “So… fourty minutes?”

"Probably closer to 35," Ric said. "I need to make sure you’re recomposed for your call. Who’s it with?"

She shrugged. “It’s a big manufacturing firm… I’m fairly certain it’s Seeley-owned. I think it’s Wallyc’s. I know it’s not the Dale Clothiers, even if I think we work with them. I can’t… you know the rules.”

He smiled. “I know. So… what can we do now? I have a few ideas…”

30 Day OTP Challenge Rooms in the House Edition


I didn’t see one like this so…

What would they do in the…

  1. Foyer
  2. Coat Closet
  3. Living Room
  4. Kitchen
  5. Dining Room
  6. Half Bathroom (has only a toilet and sink)
  7. Laundry Room
  8. Basement Garden
  9. Storage Closet
  10. Game room
  11. Garage
  12. Attic
  13. ¾ Bathroom (Toilet sink, and small shower)
  14. Master Bedroom
  15. Master Bathroom (attached to master bedroom) (Warning, not exactly safe for work, but still tame-ish)
  16. Walk in closet
  17. Guest Bedroom
  18. Library
  19. Office Room
  20. Boudoir
  21. Green Room
  22. Hallway
  23. Balcony
  24. Den
  25. Alcove
  26. Sunroom
  27. Boiler Room
  28. Wine Cellar
  29. Pantry
  30. Stairs

Bonus Outdoor Areas:

  • Backyard
  • Swimming Pool
  • Treehouse
  • Garden
  • Garden Shed
  • Greenhouse
  • Sun Deck
  • Porch

Reblogging just to turn this into a master post of which ones I’ve written. Wow, I’m halfway through, even though they are, at most, a couple hundred words.

30 Day OTP Challenge: Library

Frederic kept looking at the growing crowd of people, sitting between the stacks of old law books. Most had some item in teal or lavender, though other colors were represented. His cousin, friends, and Aileen’s cousin escorted the women to seats. His father was in the front row on one side, with his grandparents and a few members of his grandfather’s council. His mum hurried around, checking several things. On the other side, he saw Aileen’s grandparents, her great uncle, and her cousin’s parents.

The room was mostly full, save for three seats in the front row. He still wondered why his Grandfather let them look elsewhere, but the old library was beautiful, both the simple garlands of lavender against the bentwood chairs that marked the aisle, and the shades of old colors that framed the two sets of chairs.

He felt odd in his tailed evening coat and the white vest and tie his father insisted on. He would have been happier with a closed-up dinner jacket and black tie. Either way, he had trimmings in his clan color.

The quartet started up. His mother and Elanor… Ail’s mum… walked up the aisle together. As they reached the end, they bowed to each other and took their seats on the end.

Then came his party and Aileen’s, Aodh with his friend Eirlys, his cousin Tavish with her cousin Cyne, his old friend David with Catrione, and the closest of his friends and best man, walked her old friend Melanie up the aisle. Every set bowed and curtsied to the other before taking their sides. Following them was Kaome. Her dress was cut a bit differently, to facilitate the eight full tails. She gave a small nod to Ric before she stood next to Melanie.

Three kids walked next. Aiden Cruickshanks held his mother’s tiara, Ewan Grahame the rings, and between the two, Ewan’s sister Jean held a basket of flowers. The three split around.

The music changed and Ric looked to the end of the library.

The shelves disappeared, the crowd disappeared. Even the entire wedding party disappeared. Aileen was there, on  Allan’s arm. She hid her face behind a veil, but it wouldn’t be for long. She wore a beautiful dress covered in lace. It fit her close in the bodice, but loosely flared around her mid-thigh. The train trailed behind her at least a foot. She wore some makeup, but he couldn’t tell much other than lips a brighter red than usual. She seemed surprised to see him. Probably as much as he felt inside, but the butterflies he felt were more than welcome.

She was perfect, and by the end of the night, they’d be husband and wife.


Imagine your OTP has never met, but they find out that they are in an arranged marriage to each other. Person A is outraged at the prospect of marrying someone they’ve never even met, but Person B has always been lonely and is looking forward to having a spouse, no matter whom it is. Person A runs away from home before the wedding, where they would have met each other for the first time, so B decides to track them down and court them without giving away that they were the person Person A left at the altar.

(Bonus: Person C of your OT3 or NOTP is a love interest A meets after running away.)

I want to write this


This is your friendly request to always say the word “zero” instead of “oh” when reading off an alphanumeric sequence over the telephone.

It is extremely helpful.


cats are squishy cartoon friends that live in your house with you and do rad stunts. if they like you they vibrate at you very loudly. this is somehow a real animal

30 Day OTP Challenge: Guest Bedroom

(Technically, this isn’t a guest bedroom. But it more or less functions as one, so… yeah…)

Aileen curled up on her bed. Despite it being late February, she felt way too warm after what she just went through. Kaome was probably going to be fine. Aodh probably had to learn about several other kinds of anatomies when he got his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Still, there was being taught, and there was knowing. And who knew just how much like a fox a Kitsune was on the inside.

Fucking Golf.

"Aileen… Ail?" she heard Ric say. "Are you alright? You seem oddly attached for someone who only had the fox for what? 48 or so hours?"

"About that," she said. "But still… Maybe it’s just my Grahame empathy talking."

She felt the pressure of Ric falling on the bed behind her. She heard him move as he spoke. “I thought it was animal-speak, and a Y-limited power.” His hands wrapped around her. Before she could even realized she wanted to make a sarcastic remark there, he kissed her neck. “I know… I know… that’s just the way others make fun of you. Empathy is pretty powerful, and I suppose if you grow up with those who have that near-perfect empathy, you start getting the human kind, right?”

She turned around and snuggled next to him. “Yeh, Ric. That’s it.”

"By the way, love, you aren’t allowed to complain about anything of mine being large again. This is pretty much an heir’s suite you have here."

"And I’ll never get used to it," she said with an eyeroll. "Spirits know what’ll happen if we marry."

"You’ll get used to it," he said with a kiss. "When we marry. By the way, I did bring…"

"I know," she said. "And if you’re asking to distract me, yes. Yes, you’re allowed."